SPROUT: A Southern Platform for Resisting Oppression and Uniting Together

A new rapid-response communications platform committed to advancing Southern movement building and amplifying grassroot organizing efforts rooted in justice and liberation. Are you ready to support frontline groups and leaders in the U.S. South disrupting systems of power and fighting for collective liberation?

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Sprouting Resiliency & Resistanace

The South as a region remains under-resourced and under-developed, with the majority of the public barred from municipal decision making power that affects their local communities. Though we are home to the largest, growing population of working class families and LGBTQ people of color, struggles for freedom and justice for all persist.

SPROUT acknowledges that despite the historic and contemporary obstacles and challenges we have faced, the South has catalyzed a movement for social, racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice. Frontline groups and leaders need your solidarity and support to challenge and transform power all the while uplifting a collective story of people-centered resilience and resistance.

SPROUT is a new, one-stop home for urgent, on-the-ground organizing updates and connection building, stories and narratives from frontline leaders, and opportunities for ally support and engagement. 

To advance Southern movement building and collective liberation, the following multimedia and communication infrastructures were developed in service of furthering on-the-ground organizing actions and amplifying messages.

    • Rapid-response social media platforms¬†
    • Landscape mapping of organizing and movement building efforts in the South
    • Newswire pitching movement stories and events to local/national media
    • Bi-Monthly email newsletter covering Southern organizing & campaign updates
    • Virtual gatherings to workshop communication and movement strategies

We encourage everyone, from directed impacted community members to political and media allies, to explore our website and check out our social media platforms so you can learn more about grassroots organizing in the South and stand in solidarity with those fighting systemic injustice.

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